Holiday Charity 2019

Donate to Global Giving for a holiday card

No Slouching Sloths


A PSA developed as a project from Science Hack Day 2018
No Slouching Sloths image

Garbage In Garbage Out


Data exploration of inflows and outflows of city trash to other cities. Data from the US Commodities Survey from 2012. Project from Science Hack Day 2017
Garbage In Garbage Out image

Smart Composter

Smart composter using IoT Sensors and the Grow-IoT library. Project from Science Hack Day 2016

Zika VR


As part of National Day of Civic Hacking 2016, we formed a team that created a virtual reality prototype to enable the public to better learn about the Zika virus – the nature of the pathogen, its health consequences, potential breeding grounds of Zika infected mosquitos, and effective Zika prevention techniques.
Zika VR image



An app using IBM Watson to make a better way of sorting through Medicare documentation. Project part of IBM Watson's 2016 Hackathon challenge.

Coral Reef Game

Board game to teach children about coral reefs. Project from Science Hack Day 2015

Yeoman Generator for React and Redux

Code generator for React & Redux Projects

Families USA: Medicaid Expansion Waivers in the States


An interactive map for Families USA. Implemented the map using angular and d3

Pac Man Neurohack Game


Uses your brain waves to control Pacman. Entry to Neurogaming Hackathon 2015.

Philips HealthSuite Hackathon

Healthcare application to help geriatrics. Using Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform. Project from 2015 Philips Hackathon in SF.

Word to Image App

Given a word, display images of that word and related words. Part of my code challenge for Reverb.

Groundwater Hack


Underwater groundwater device that allows you to determine where there is groundwater using everyday equipment. Useful for digging for wells in your backyard. Project from Science Hack Day 2014



Remembrance is the final project of Dev Bootcamp Chicago students Simon Gondeck, Francisco Scala, Jeremy Wong and Jonathan Young. It is a web application that enables one to create a memorial for a loved one who has passed on. You can invite friends and family to come together here and share memories, whether they be stories or pictures.


Flight is a social networking playground where users post their profiles and show their pictures. It is the penultimate project with DevBootcamp